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Nichole Wagner’s music is a soulful blend of Americana and folk with a modern twist. Her haunting vocals and evocative lyrics draw comparisons to artists like Jenny Lewis, Stevie Nicks, and Neko Case.  Dubbed “one of Austin’s most promising young singer-songwriters” by Peter Blackstock, whether she is exploring the depths of heartbreak or celebrating the joys of life, Wagner’s music feels authentic and honest, with a raw emotional power that resonates with listeners.

In addition to her own music, Wagner also hosts a yearly tribute to the late Nanci Griffith, who passed away in August of 2021. The tribute is a celebration of Griffith’s life and legacy and features performances from a variety of artists who were influenced by Griffith’s music. This event is a testament to the impact that Griffith had on the music community, and Wagner’s dedication to keeping her legacy alive.

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