Hi, I'm Nichole.  

We probably haven’t met so let me introduce myself-I live in Austin, TX with two tiny dogs (pictured). I love listening to baseball on the radio, I like to jump off cliffs (but only into water!) in my spare time, I’m terrible at telling jokes, and oh yeah – I write songs.

I was really hoping to meet a bunch of new people all over the country touring behind a new record, but as you can expect the pandemic has put a massive damper on those plans.  

I’m super bummed that I didn’t get to come to your town and share my music with you in person. So here’s the deal-I’ll send you a FREE copy of my debut record, “And the Sky Caught Fire” if you help me cover the shipping (full disclosure, that’s $5).  If you’re thinking “What is this, 1999? I don’t even have a CD player…” I totally understand – which is why each CD has a download code, too. I may even throw in a few stickers, postcard or special note, remember having a pen-pal!? 

So if you like getting mail that’s not bills, just click the button below and tell me where to send your CD.


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