House Concerts

What is a house concert?

Simply put, a house concert is an intimate, semi-private musical performance in a comfortable space. This could be your living room, backyard, or even the community room in your apartment building or neighborhood.

Sounds great! How do I host a house concert?

All you need to host a house concert is a space a some friends.

Space: You provide the space for between 15 to 50 (or more!) people depending on your space and your vision for the evening.

Guests: Invite anyone and everyone: friends, neighbors, family, co-workers, whoever. We’ll talk about whether you want it to be a closed event or if you’re okay with opening it up to other fans in the area. Either way, we’ll want a full house.

Food & Beverages: There’s a lot of latitude here. You can either provide all the food & drinks or better yet make it a BYOB potluck. Encourage folks to bring their favorite dish to share.

Money: The artist gets paid via a suggested donation of ~$15-20 per person. Generally guests will pre-pay to RSVP or put money in a proverbial hat when they arrive. Alternatively, if you’d rather provide an evening of music for your friends, we can work out a specific fee based on tour routing and the date needed.

Plan: Guests arrive and mingle for about an hour. I’ll play a ~45-min set before we take a break to visit, eat, refresh drinks, etc. After the break, I will play another set (anywhere from 30-45 min). Guests can purchase CDs and other merch during the break or after the show if they’re so inclined.

If you’d like to host a house concert, just send me an email HERE.