Nanci Tribute Artist FAQs

The rules are as such:

  1. All songs must be written or co-written by Nanci
  2. No song repeats from the same artist for 7 years
  3. No one artist should play more than 2 years in a row
Why are there rules? Why can’t I play the same song I played last time?

Tribute nights are notorious for getting clique-ish. Putting a limit on the number of years in a row you can play and making you pick a new song ensures that new folks are brought in each year and that no one gets to “own” a song.

I don’t know any Nanci Griffith songs, or who she is…

GREAT. Welcome! The whole point of this show is to keep her songs alive. The best way to do that is to introduce new folks to her music. Dive into that playlist, pick a song, learn it. Now you know a Nanci Griffith song and should come play this show.

Which songs are fair game?

Any song Nanci wrote or co-wrote. Here’s a playlist… it doesn’t have everything but it will get you started. Absolutely no Speed of the Sound of Loneliness, Tecumseh Valley, or Boots of Spanish Leather. Not sorry.

What can I expect at the show?

A bunch of music lovers in the audience, other Austin-area artists that you maybe know, or maybe (hopefully) a few that you don’t. This purpose of this event is to build and expand community.

How does the show work?

Each artist gets up on-stage for their song, open mic style. We do have a schedule and we traditionally run on time (helpful if you have another gig that night!) but that requires everyone to help by being tuned up and ready to go. There will be at least one house guitar if you don’t want to bring yours, but if you need an alternate tuning you MUST bring one. Other instruments and duos are workable, just let me know what you’re thinking.

Will I get paid? What does the rest of the money go towards?

There’s an artist honorarium (typically $50 per artist) that will be paid out the day after the show. About $150 goes towards promotional efforts (poster, ads) and the rest of the money raised goes to a non-profit. I send an accounting email with totals for transparency.

How is the non-profit that benefits picked?

The first year that I hosted this event, I was able to reach out to Nanci via her management and ask where she’d like the money to go. The subsequent years, I’ve picked local non-profits based on the types of non-profits she requested donations to in lieu of flowers (Vietnam Veterans of America, the Mines Advisory Group of Manchester, England, or The Store in Nashville, TN). I have also taken the liberty of including The Texas Civil Rights Project in the past based on a gut-feeling that she’d have been okay with that.

I wanna play! How do I get invited?

My goal for this show is to have about half of each years line-up filled with NEW folks. Send me an email and let’s make it happen.