November Updates

Hello friends,

So much has happened this past month…I saw David Byrne nearly tear down Bass Concert Hall (and subsequently I tried to learn a bunch of Talking Heads tunes); I ate apple pie, apple fritters, and apple crisp in Connecticut at the Glastonbury Apple Harvest Festival (I also played some songs); and I was once again the only one dressed up at a Halloween show…AND I’m still trying to get the dang pink hairspray out of my hair.

This time last year, I was editing down songs for And the Sky Caught Fire, realizing that I needed one more to round it out. I was getting ready to head to Nashville, making all sorts of production notes in multiple shared Google Docs with Justin Douglas, and wondering how it was all going to come together.

But it did. I wrote one more song on that Nashville trip, and it ended up being a keeper. All of the notes and ideas came together, dates were scheduled, and suddenly, we had a record. And that record has been the stepping stone to all kinds of things. For example, tonight, I’m playing in Houston at the legendary Anderson Fair. This is a venue that’s been on my list for a very, very long time – ever since I heard about it in a Nanci Griffith song.

I’m so incredibly grateful that somehow I get to make music. And that that music finds ears willing to listen. As the year starts winding down, I’ve only got a few more scheduled shows, but I’ll be back at the learning and writing and creating of more music. I can’t wait to share some new stuff with you.

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