Press Kit

Nichole Wagner - Plastic Flowers

Release Date: June 07, 2024


US Radio/Publicity: Adam Dawson:

  1. Monsters Nichole Wagner 3:13
  2. Raised by Wolves Nichole Wagner 2:54
  3. Everything Nichole Wagner 3:16
  4. Self Defense Nichole Wagner 3:35
  5. Plastic Flowers Nichole Wagner 4:04
  6. I Know Better This Time Nichole Wagner 2:56
  7. A Way With It Nichole Wagner 3:19
  8. Until the Water Comes Nichole Wagner 4:23
  9. Beauty Where You Find It Nichole Wagner 3:26
  10. Road That Jim Built Nichole Wagner 3:10

“One of Austin’s most promising young singer-songwriters” (Peter Blackstock, Austin-American Statesman), Nichole Wagner’s music is rooted in Americana-folk traditions, with disarmingly honest lyrics accented by wistful alto. Her latest release, Plastic Flowers, is a collection of songs written primarily during the pandemic as she balanced setting tough boundaries with family members, her late-diagnosed neurodivergence, and all of the challenges that came along with 2020.

  1. Life During Wartime Nichole Wagner 4:43
  2. Bird Set Free Nichole Wagner 3:30
  3. Better Son or Daughter Nichole Wagner 3:44
  4. Heartbeats Accelerating Nichole Wagner 3:11
  5. Ambulance Blues Nichole Wagner 7:58


  1. Winner Take All Nichole Wagner 2:49
  2. Dynamite Nichole Wagner 2:51
  3. Yellow Butterfly Nichole Wagner 3:25
  4. Rules of Baseball Nichole Wagner 3:36
  5. The Last Time Nichole Wagner 4:42
  6. This Kind of Love Nichole Wagner 2:38
  7. Let Me Know Nichole Wagner 3:44
  8. Fires of Pompeii (We Should Walk Away) [feat. Rod Picott] Nichole Wagner 3:40
  9. Reconsider Me Nichole Wagner 3:55
  10. Sparks & Gasoline Nichole Wagner 2:50

“…Wagner’s first full-length record establishes her as one of Austin’s most promising young singer-songwriters…” – Peter Blackstock via Austin American Statesman/Austin 360

“The album has a certain dark ambiance that I love. I’m drawn to the shadows.” – Gurf Morlix

“…a lovely piece of work. The tracks are gorgeously recorded…This album goes down as easy as a fine whiskey” – Rod Picott

a ‘keeper’ that you’ll want to listen to for a long time.” -David Arnsberger, Host of Texas Radio Live on Sun Radio

“…delectable piece of folk music…then there is that voice—world-aware, conscious, and with just a tinge of twang…” – Jonathan Frahm via For Folks Sake

And The Sky Caught Fire is one of the ‘must listens’ from 2018” – The Next Gig