The Ethics of Merch

Union made. Sweat shop-free. Fair trade. Recycled.

As a musician, I find that the value of my labor and talent is often undervalued or diminished – and I strive to only play shows where I know I can pay my band a fair wage, and that when I make a record I’m not relying on favors, asking people to work for less than they’re worth.  It’s important to me that my values and beliefs are consistently honored and that I’m not asking to be paid fairly with one side of my mouth and contributing to the exploitation of workers with the other side. We are stronger together.

I’ve made a commitment going forward to use union-made goods wherever possible, where not possible to find minimally exploitative options (eg. sweat-shop free, thrifted, hand-printing myself), and continue to source from local talents, businesses, and artists.